Harmony In Your Home

begins at your curb ...

Home Staging

Preparing your Property for Sale


Vacant or Occupied Home Staging

Staging your home showcases its best features, while creating buyer appeal.  Research shows that staged homes allow potential buyers to visualize themselves living in these spaces, which, in turn, makes them more likely to place an offer.  Also, buyers gain a perceived value of the home, and, often times, will offer higher than the asking price, especially if multiple offers are made on the property.  In fact, 63% of home buyers say they would pay more money if the house is "move-in" ready.  As a result, staged homes typically spend fewer days on the market (DOM).  Staging contributes to stellar photographs, which ultimately increases buyers' interests and a greater number of on-site visits.

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Get the Best Price Possible for Your Home

Virtual/In-Person Home Staging Consultations

The initial step in staging your home begins with my customized consultation, tailored to your home's needs.  It's not always easy for sellers to look at their home objectively and see things that should be changed. This is where I come in.  I will assess your spaces room by room, beginning at the curb, pointing out details that a buyer might object to. Following this virtual or walk-through tour, my detailed report will offer recommendations to accentuate certain features in your home, while targeting the "condition items" which could prevent lower offers.  


Certified Staging Professional

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