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Today's busy professionals and households require the assistance of a professional organizer.  Often with two spouses working inside or outside the home, family chores and projects don't get completed, leaving one to procrastinate even the simplest tasks and become overwhelmed.  


Harmony In Your Home will come into your home and transform your cluttered areas into clean, spacious living areas once again, leaving you with a sense of peace and contentment.  When systems are in place, organization returns to the home and the entire household is rewarded with family unity. What are you waiting for?  Call today for an in-home consultation and experience how quickly we will restore Harmony In Your Home!


Harmony in your Home Offers these Organizing Solutions for Your Needs

Full Closet Renovation

Arranging your Entire Wardrobe


Simplify your morning routine ... If your clothing closet is in order, so are you! You will not only save time getting dressed in the morning, but you'll save $$$ too. Instead of rummaging through your clothes looking for something to wear, all your garments, shoes, purses, and accessories will be easier to find - putting your best foot forward for the day.  If your closet is screaming for a face lift, I am happy, upon request, to customize a closet design to suit your personal needs. Additional expense for materials will be discussed at that time.


The same holds true for your coat closet, linen closet, bathroom vanity, etc.  Time spent is time wasted.  Allow me to simplify your life and clear the clutter out of your morning and your day.

Kitchen Organization

Systemizing the "Hub of your Home"


Today's busy homes begin and end in the kitchen: meal prep, snack time, homework, command center, even entertaining guests - these are just a few of the functions of a busy kitchen.  In order to streamline your day, an uncluttered, functional kitchen is the key to creating less hustle and bustle in your day.  Allow me to systemize your pantry, refrigerator and cabinets/drawers and give you tips on how to keep it that way!

Packing & Unpacking Services

Helping you pack up/set up your belongings during the big move


Relocating to a new home can be very stressful.  Let me take the anxiety out of your move by carefully wrapping and boxing your belongings and labeling them for your movers.  If you're relocating locally, I am happy to assist you with unpacking and settling in once again.  I provide efficiency by coordinating dual home transition, downsizing, and assistance with senior transitions.

Other Services

Catered to your personal needs


Clutter Elimination & Coaching, Bedroom & Clothing Organization, Pantry Organization, Bathroom & Small Space Solutions, Craft rooms, Garage and Attic (Cleaning & Storage Solutions), Basement Organization & Decluttering, Home Office Organization, Office Organization, Paperwork Organization & Management, Filing & Storage Systems, Assembly and Installation of Storage Solutions, Photo Organization & Scrapbooking, Holiday Design & Storage, Senior Downsizing & Transition, Household Inventory, Relocation Assistance, Estate Organizing, Personal Shopping, Personal Assistant


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