Redesign Your Space

Bringing Harmony In(to) Your Home


Personalizing your home

If you've been dreaming of a room "makeover" and you're not certain where to start, or you're just overwhelmed with the process, a redesign, accompanied with project management services, may be for you!  Refreshing the walls with a new coat of paint will spruce up the room and give it a "lift", while helping to create visual space.  Your redesign project defines the function of the room and creates the ideal harmonious space you are looking for.  This may include reorganization, rearranging and repurposing many of the items in your home that you already own.  The ultimate goal of a redesign is to create an updated look, while reflecting an individual's lifestyle, purpose and personality.

Holiday Design

Welcome your family and guests with beautiful seasonal decor-inspired rooms, creating warmth, spirit and lasting memories.  If you're feeling overwhelmed with the busy-ness of the season (from Thanksgiving through New Year's Day) with shopping, wrapping, decorating, etc., call on Harmony In Your Home to assist you with holiday preparation.  There are so many tasks on your "to do" list; we can help take away some of the frustration and stress, easing you into the season with a smile.