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"Bonnie was a lifesaver when it came to getting our large house in Worcester, MA organized, packed and move ready.  She was able to go through all of our children's old clothes, baby supplies, etc in the basement and get everything organized and packed in a timely fashion.  I was spending the majority of my time in NYC for work while all this happened and could not have imagined getting ready for the move without Bonnie's help!  Upon arrival at our new home everything was labeled and organized to make unpacking a breeze.  I would highly recommend her for any organization or packing project and wish she lived closer to help me in the future.  Thanks again!"


- Natalie, Worcester



"We recently sold our large home after many years of deciding to downsize.  We were referred to Bonnie by our daughter who has used Bonnie on many occasions to organize my daughter’s home.  Bonnie was a Godsend from the day she walked into our home.  With a professional approach, she was very sympathetic to our belongings and memories and more importantly to our busy schedules.  She came equipped with a truck if needed to remove items or redistribute to a storage facility or our new home.  Every item was packed, boxed, taped & marked accordingly.  Fragile…kitchen utensils….glassware in pantry…etc. etc. In addition to all of the packing…she staged our home to sell!!!  Our home sold after the 3rd prospective buyer came in….it doesn’t end there….When we moved into our new place, she unpacked and organized everything in cabinets, closets, etc. 

Transitioning to a new phase in your life can be very stressful; however, Bonnie made tasks flow smoothly and restored harmony in our home!!!  Thank you Bonnie!"

- Sandy, Shrewsbury

" ... I wish to convey the lovely, positive impact you have made on my life and my mother's life.  She would probably still be living in Paxton without your tremendous skills!!  Thank you so much!"


- Katie, Worcester

"Bonnie is AMAZING! Projects that would take me days (weeks!) and endless anxiety are solved by Bonnie in hours!"


- Leah, Worcester



              "Bonnie, you are worth every penny - and more!  

              You are not a business... you are a blessing!"


              - Ann, Worcester




"Dear Wonder Woman ... I just got home, and am shocked and delighted beyond words - and that's just with a view in the dark! In my wildest dreams, I never could have imagined something as beautiful, and creative, and artistic, and - I just cannot find the words.  And part of MY HOME - something that I get to have and enjoy every day.  I really am quite moved, and don't know if I can ever really convey my true appreciation and gratitude - for yet another thing you have done for me - and such an amazing one.  Thank you so deeply!"


- EK, Shrewsbury



"Working with Bonnie over the past several months has been nothing short of a blessing.  As the homemaker of a large family with many projects waiting to be started, I needed another set of hands.  She proved very quickly that her skills in countless areas would be the perfect match.  With her help, Bonnie has not only lightened my load, but more importantly, has increased the quality of our family life.  "Harmony In Your Home is truly an understatement!"

-  Sarah, Princeton 



"Bonnie has organized my house in such a way I didn't think it could be done!  She is professional, pleasant and extremely organized!  Good thing!  I would recommend Harmony in your Home to anyone that is looking to get organized!"

- Denise, Auburn



"There is no other way to say it ... Bonnie is the BEST!  She was recommended to me as someone who could help me organize and clean my home.  I then learned that she could do the same for my yard.  I now realize that she has the energy and willingness to take on more than I could have ever imagined.  Others say, "No, I don't do that."  Bonnie says, "YES, I enjoy doing that."!"

- Susan U., Princeton



"Bonnie worked with me this summer doing landscaping at my Princeton home.  She was highly reliable, worked independently and did an excellent job.  She listened carefully to my instructions but also used her own initiative.  I would definitely recommend her."

-  Susan S., Princeton



"I wanted to take the time to thank you for all of your assistance and help with getting my home organized!  It has made me a much happier person and I am finally feeling that I'm back in control of my home now, versus my home being in control of me... I would highly recommend Bonnie Garceau to assist in any home organization, whether inside or outside.  She is very professional, prompt and courteous and has truly restored the harmony back into my home!"

- Donna, West Boylston


"Thank you so much ... I can tell this is more to you than a job.

You are so special.  I will miss you terribly."   

- Claire, Millbury




"Bonnie, you are absolutely the best!!  So grateful you have entered my disorganized world to help me become more organized! ... I feel the love in every plant on our new farm.  Thank you for your amazing gifts!"

- Cynthia, Boylston/Springfield, VT



"When I downsized from a "big" house to a townhouse/condo, I moved with 294 boxes to be "unboxed".  I thought I would never get through them.  Then Bonnie Garceau entered my life and had boxes unpacked, rooms put in order, and my closets organized in very little time.  She helped me determine what I should keep and what I should give away or throw away.  She is efficient, creative and fast.  She never wastes time.  Bonnie is worth every dime I pay her and more.  Furthermore, it is fun to just be with her."

- Marianne, Shrewsbury



"Over six years ago we downsized from a large house with a five level barn and shed. They were filled with three generations of collectibles, family history, furniture, travel souveniers, business papers, financial records and remnants of our long gone children’s abandoned possessions etc. We had never thrown away anything. Some boxes were unopened for up to 50 years. Items ranged from valuable to junk. We moved to an apartment in a senior living community. It was estimated that over 90% (tens of thousands) of the items still needed to disappear six years later. We called on Bonnie for help. She went through and sorted things into groups for us to review. She brought in professionals to suggest approximate value whether to auction, sell to a dealer, sell individually on Craig’s List, donate to a charity, recycle, keep at a family house, or put into the trash. After we agreed on a plan based on her suggestions, she implemented or arranged for things to happen. She kept records of donations and got required paperwork needed for taxes. Her speed was amazing. Some of the things she probably had never done before but was flexible to our style and needs. Finally, compared with other “organizers” we interviewed her cost was reasonable and she had no reservations of what she would try to help us to do. I appreciate all that Bonnie did and offered to do for me. I highly recommend her for “Harmony In Your Home.”


- Will, Holden

"I have worked with Bonnie on several projects, both personally as well as professionally. She is an amazing organizer and home stager. One hour of Bonnie's time is equivalent to five hours of my time. She has worked me with to clean and organize my home office and recently has helped me to clean out my parents' home and prepare it for sale. The house sold the first day it was on the market. Professionally, I have referred Bonnie to many of my clients. As an interior decorator, having a clean and organized home is the first step before my decorating work can begin. Bonnie has helped many of my clients prepare for their projects, which has enabled me to deliver superior results to my clients. I highly recommend working with Bonnie. She is worth every penny invested!"

- Nadine, Princeton


                                                          "Thank you so much, Bonnie!  You have been a tremendous help .........

.                                                         The house is going to look so nice, I won’t want to leave!"

                                   - Jessica R., Sutton



"We have been using Bonnie to consult on our listings for about a year now and we can't say enough about her! She is very responsive and accommodating and all of our sellers have loved working with her!  Her staging ideas and implementation have been key to our success as listing agents."

- Michelle G., N. Grafton

"Bonnie is personable - approachable and so easy to work with! I have referred many clients to her over the past couple of years and all my clients love her. She gives practical and professional advice. My clients had a limited budget - but with a few changes - open up a wall, add granite counter tops and new/used appliances, paint the cabinets changed the entire space! They did their to do list and received over asking bids on their home. I would highly recommend Bonnie - you won't be disappointed!"

- Laurie K., Princeton

"We received an extensive list of things to do room-by-room so we could easily check them off a room at a time to make sure nothing was missed. Bonnie's recommendations made our house truly look like a model home. She made our house feel much larger by removing unneeded items and clutter, and the pictures were just amazing!  Not only did it photograph so well, all of our showings received wonderful feedback, and our house was only on the market for 36 hours before we had an offer."

- Greg & Kristie B., Westborough